P. yoelii and P. berghei sporozoites

The Parasitology Core Facility provides mosquitoes infected with the wild type rodent malaria parasite sporozoites P. yoelii or P. berghei or mutant strains of these species. Mice are infected with frozen stabilates of either P.b. or P.y. After about 4 days, blood from infected mice is passaged to a na´ve mouse and these mice are used for mosquito feeding when the gametocytemia has reached an optimal level. The rate of infection, at the oocyst stage, is determined by dissecting a few mosquitoes 7 to 10 days following blood feeding and the mosquitoes are provided to the user when sporozoites have developed (from day 14 for P. yoelii and from day 19 for P. berghei ). It is the responsibility of the use to order naive mosquitoes from the mosquito insectary facility. Orders for sporozoites should be placed 5 weeks in advance to when the live sporozoites are needed.

Pricing for rodent Plasmodium sporozoites; $50 per cage containing ~200 mosquitoes

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